Warsaw Security Forum

The Warsaw Security Forum addresses these issues through an international gathering
of experts who specialize in security.


Warsaw Security Forum aims to exchange professional experiences solutions to complex regional security challenges confronting the Central and Eastern European region. The two day forum consists of numerous plenary sessions dedicated to security issues, particularly those related to the future of NATO; the Common Security and Defence Policy of the European Union, including relations with the Russian Federation; energy security; border states of NATO and the European Union; new threats; and security in the economic, military and politic dimensions.

The mission of the Warsaw Security Forum is to enhance understanding of European and NATO security policy, which will be accomplished through dialogue between key policymakers and experts. This is a great opportunity where Israel can support the EU and NATO with knowledge and experience.

This year, ELNET Poland stepped up its partnership with the fourth edition of the annual Warsaw Security Forum (WSF), the biggest security conference in Central and Eastern Europe. This is the third year in a row that ELNET Poland is co-sponsoring the Forum. This year, it placed two senior Israeli speakers at prominent panels throughout the event, and held a special ELNET Roundtable on cyber and counter-terrorism with four experts and senior former officials, showcasing Israel’s knowhow in the field to the international audience.

Like in previous years, the 2017 WSF Conference attracted key policymakers, industry leaders, as well as military and civilian experts from around the world to discuss events, trends, as well as opportunities and challenges lying ahead for the Transatlantic Community.


Warsaw Security Project


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What We Did

Create an Israeli panel with the best experts from Israel

Among The Distinguished Guests Of The Conference Were:

This years’ edition of the WSF gathered a record-breaking audience of over 1,000 guests, including 120 speakers from the whole world.

Voice Calling

Tons of materials, well-prepared speakers and the most important guests.

Different topics

From open discussion to closed doors expert meeting – WSF give a great opportunity to face the security problems.

Warsaw Security Forum

A globally Interaction

Dignitaries and experts from around the world.

Ideas exchange

Each of the participating countries understands security issues in a unique way due to their geopolitical position